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The Frescos of Subiaco

Subiaco is also one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. It is also where my life was changed forever. It is where St Benedict lived as a hermit for many years and first started his monastaries which have shaped Western civilization for hundreds of years. So its just a little important.... yet so unknown. I go back here every time I am in Italy to give God thanks for all that he has done in my life because of this place. And he never leaves me without another gift of His presence.

The frescos also happen to be my favorite in all the world.

The church is completely unique, built into the side of a cliff and singing with stillness and silence and the mountains surrounding it echo back. The church itself is in many layers each revealing itself as you go deeper and deeper in, farther down each staircase. The frescos depict saints, memento mori themes, salvation history, and the life of St Benedict. I am deeply moved by them.



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